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Article de journal Ouest- France Tydeo Mai 2022
Article de journal Ouest- France Tydeo Mai 2022

September 2021

Article le journal des entreprises Tydeo Septembre 2021
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Thursday, September 16, 2021



They were 10 at the beginning of the year. They are now 40. They will be 60 at the beginning of 2022. Created in 2013 in Saint-Renan (29), Tydeo Audiovisual agency is experiencing record growth. Founded by Julien Cabon and Marina D'été, the structure relies on an investment plan of 500 K euros (self-financing and banking partners) to continue its development. According to our information, the 2021 turnover will exceed 2 M euros. Since 2019, this growth has been driven by Tydeo's new offer, called My Tydeo: a web and mobile platform that allows companies (SMEs) to upload their own video recordings. Julien Cabon: "They film themselves with their smartphone, upload their briefs and their shots on the platform, then our editors and directors take care of the editing in 48 hours. Everything is sent to the client via the app. These are short formats, less than 3 minutes long". The agency is present in Brest, Quimper, Saint Brieuc, Rennes, Vannes, Angers, Nantes and is currently recruiting 8 commercial profiles, 8 editors and 2 motion designers. Note that the Breton businessman Thierry Le Goascoz joined the structure in 2019 as a shareholder and director of strategy and development.

Tydeo simplifies corporate video

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March 2021

Video is now an essential part of communication. In a year of health crisis, this medium has gained 10 years of digital maturity according to industry professionals. An evolution that Julien Cabon, at the head of Tydeo, has also noticed. In 2020, his SME based in Saint-Renan (29) went from 5 to 20 employees!

Created in 2013, Tydeo really took off in March 2020 with the launch of an innovative application: MyTydeo. The principle is simple and effective: the customer films with his smartphone, sends his rushes via the app to Tydeo, which makes a professional editing in less than 48 hours. "We released this product in March 2020, just before the first containment," says Julien Cabon, co-director of Tydeo that he founded with Marina d'Eté. But instead of sinking in the turmoil of the crisis, this innovation has emerged from the pack to build a soaring reputation.

"Paradoxically, we arrived at the right time. The MyTydeo application meets the needs of entrepreneurs by guaranteeing ease of use, responsiveness and quality of files. Rapidly, retailers, SMEs and ETIs asked us to develop video in their communication strategy", explains Julien Cabon. Result: in a few months, the Tydeo team has grown from 5 to 20 employees. Faced with the success of the application's audience, the managers had to reinforce their staff by hiring video professionals: editors and motion designers. Since the launch of its application, Tydeo has signed over 500 videos.

The application is also sold in white label

"We worked on the development of this application with external service providers. The innovation lies in the ease of file transfer via smartphone and the guarantee of their quality", says Julien Cabon. Tydeo owns this software and offers two services: either access to the MyTydeo application with a fixed payment per video produced, or the sale of white label licenses for communication agencies, ETIs, groups or organizations that could manage the editing of images internally.

At the beginning, Tydeo is a production company, set up by two journalists of the local press, specialized in environmental documentaries. In 2015, the founders negotiated a first turn towards corporate communication. "Video is a fast, efficient and agile solution to establish a company's reputation. This media then becomes a business card, a commercial product that reassures and energizes the company," explains the media professional.

A national deployment

Since then, Tydeo has made this orientation its major development axis. With the arrival and the success of the MyTydeo application, the growth is boosted. In the short term, the founders plan to expand nationally with the deployment of a sales force and local agencies that will be as many relays on the whole territory. The first agency will open in Quimper on April 1. "Our difference is to propose a simple and structured offer, which mixes customer autonomy and professional assembly service. On the strength of this model, Tydeo's founders intend to attract local authorities and other public organizations to increase their presence tenfold. The Metropolitan Brittany Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) in Western Brittany has called on this service.