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Discover the 1st videos generated with Sora

Open AI has presented the first video creations of the AI Sora produced by a test group. The results are impressive.

In a new blog post, Open AI has presented the first video creations of the Sora AI produced by a test group. The results are impressive.

The videos produced by filmmakers, artists and advertising agencies, who have benefited from preview access to the AI-generated video tool, are astounding.

shy kids - "Air Head

Based in Toronto, Shy Kids is a multimedia production company that used Sora for its short film "Air Head".

"We now have the opportunity to develop stories we once thought impossible. While Sora is good at generating things that look real, what excites us is his ability to create things that are totally surreal. A new era of abstract expressionism. Addressing the entire industry, "people from all over the world with stories ready to burst out of their chests finally have the opportunity to show the world what's inside". says Walter Woodman, Sidney Leeder and Patrick Cederberg.

Paul Trillo - Artist

Paul Trillo is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and filmmaker whose work has been acclaimed by the likes of Rolling Stone and The New Yorker. Paul Trillo has garnered 19 "Vimeo Staff Picks", an honor awarded to the best short films hosted on Vimeo.

"This is the first time I've felt liberated as a filmmaker. Not limited by time, money or the permission of others, I can imagine and experiment in bold and exciting ways. Sora is at its best when you don't reproduce the old, but bring to life new and impossible ideas that we'd otherwise never get to see."

Native Foreign - Nik Kleverov - Creative Director

Native Foreign is an Emmy-nominated creative agency based in Los Angeles, California, specializing in brand storytelling, animation and title design, and generative AI workflows.

Co-founder Nik Kleverov , who uses Sora "to visualize concepts and quickly iterate on partner brands' creations", suggests that budgetary constraints need no longer entirely shape the narrative of creativity. "I'm one of those creatives who thinks in motion, so when I'm at Sora, I really feel like I can bring any idea to life."

August Kamp - Artist/musician

August Kamp is a musician, researcher, creative activist and multidisciplinary artist.

"Sora represents a real turning point for me as an artist whose scope has always been limited by imagination at odds with means. Being able to build and iterate on cinematic visuals has intuitively opened up new artistic avenues for me... I'm really looking forward to seeing what other forms of storytelling will become accessible with the future of these tools."

Oraar Studio - Joséphine Miller - Creative Director

Josephine Miller is co-founder and creative director of Oraar Studio. The London-based studio specializes in 3D visual design, augmented reality and digital fashion.

"Sora gives me the opportunity to bring to life ideas I've had in my head for years, ideas that were previously technically impossible. The ability to conceptualize quickly with such a high level of quality not only challenges my creative process, but also helps me evolve my storytelling. It allows me to translate my imagination with fewer technical constraints.

Don Allen Stevenson III - AR/XR digital artist

Beginning his career at DreamWorks Animation, Don Allen III is a multidisciplinary creator, speaker and consultant who collaborates with leading technology and entertainment companies on mixed reality, virtual reality and AI applications.

"For a long time, I've been creating hybrid creatures in augmented reality that I think would make fun combinations in my head. Now I have a much simpler way of prototyping ideas before fully creating 3D characters" . Don cites Sora's "quirkiness" as his greatest strength: "He's not bound by traditional laws of physics or conventions of thought." Working with Sora has enabled him to shift his focus from "technical obstacles to pure creativity... paving the way for a world of instant visualization and rapid prototyping. I feel it allows me to focus more of my time and energy in the right places... and on the emotional impact I'd like my characters to have."

Alex Reben - Sculptor/artist and OpenAI artist in residence

Alexander Reben is an artist who has spent the last decade creating works that explore the humor and absurdity of human nature through artificial intelligence. Alex has created sculptures from AI-generated images, manually transforming these AI creations into 3D models materialized in the physical world.

"My experience with Sora was the starting point for developing 3D sculpture. My thoughts drifted towards exploring the field of photogrammetry and its potential applications to sculpture. The prospect of transforming video into 3D models intrigued me, as it suggested propelling the AI system beyond its initial scope.

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