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List of Products

Montage 1 vidéo < 1’30”
Editing time / per additional 1'30"
Montage 1 vidéo type Reel < 30”
Subtitled version in a different language / 1'30" (excl. translation)*
Production Package
Forfait Conception / Tournage / montage 1 vidéo <1’30” < ½ journée de tournage
Forfait Conception / Tournage / montage 1 vidéo <1’30”< 1 journée de tournage
Forfait Tournage / Montage 1 vidéo ITW < 1’30" <1h de tournage
Drone Aerial Photography 1 zone
Additional Drone Zone
Tournage < 1/2 journée
Additional 1/2 day of shoot
Tournage < 1 journée
Additional day of shoot
Location Recce
Conceptualization / Corporate Film / 1'30"
Conceptualization / Advertisement / 1'30"
Montage < 1’30”
Editing time / per additional 1'30"
Editing 1 additional video / Based on footage of the main video
Adaptation - Export in 1 additional format
Transfer of source files
Subtitled version in a different language /min (excluding translation)
Motion Design
2D Motion Design
Script Writing / 1 min
Script Writing / each additional 30"
Motion Design Conceptualization and Illustration / 1 min
Motion Design Conceptualization and Illustration / 30 sec
Motion Design Animation / 1 minute
Motion Design Animation / 30 sec
3D Motion Design
Script Writing / 1 min
Script Writing / each additional 30"
3D Motion Design / minute
3D Motion Design / 30 sec
3D Motion Design Animation / minute
3D Motion Design Animation / 30 sec
Location Recce
Camera Installation / Timelapse Shooting

What's included with mytydeo?

- Traitement des vidéos, images, brief et fichiers fournis par le client.
- Montage vidéo
- Intégration de cartons textes ou sous-titrage en français
- Intégration d’une musique libre de droit
- Mixage- Encodage
- Livraison de la version N°1 sous un délai de 48 heures à compter de la réception de la demande hors samedi et dimanche et jours fériés.
- Envoi des versions suivantes de validation sous 48 heures à compter de la réception de la demande de modification hors samedi et dimanche et jours fériés.
- Allers-retours de validation illimités pour les offres d’abonnement mensualisées.
- Prise en compte des modifications et livraison de la vidéo en format standard 1920 X 1080 ou tout autre format précisé par le client.
- Droits de diffusion et d'utilisation de la vidéo montée cédés pour tous supports.

- Durée de vidéo livrée de 1 min 30 sec maximum
- 30 prises de vues et images maximum envoyées par projet
- 20 minutes de prises de vues maximum envoyées par projet
- Taille maximale de l'ensemble des fichiers envoyés par projet < 4GO

Le dépassement de chacun de ces seuils génère le décompte de 0,5 crédit supplémentaire par tranche de même valeur.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is tydeo?

tydeo is the video production platform dedicated to communicators, whose ambition is to help them produce their video content simply, agilely and sustainably.

It offers solutions that meet all their video challenges:

➕For self-filming without having to worry about editing
➕For in-house video production, training in smartphone shooting, and increasing the video skills of communications teams.
➕To design and produce demanding, made-to-measure videos by professional directors.
➕For aerial drone shots.
➕To design and produce motion design videos.

Its positioning is to be an interlocutor connected to its users, reliable in the long term and responsive for all organizations that want to integrate video into their communication strategy.

The company is ISO 9001 certified to guarantee quality service and continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.

tydeo is constantly on the lookout for and invests in the development of new technologies and artificial and human intelligence solutions to support and advise its customers on the video uses of today and tomorrow.

More than 1,500 customers, SMEs, organizations and major accounts in France and abroad have already placed their trust in tydeo for their videos.

What is mytydeo?

With mytydeo, capture your key moments, send us the rushes on the smartphone app or web platform and get back your edited video within 48 hours, along with unlimited rounds of feedback afterwards.

mytydeo is a video editing service that frees you from the constraints of editing. You no longer need to learn complex software. Let our professionals enhance your images and optimize your messages.

How can I create an account on mytydeo?

Your login details will be sent to you automatically when you order your credits from our sales department.

How do I send my videos to the editing team?

It couldn't be simpler: send us your projects in just a few clicks: here's the tutorial ;-)

How long does it take to edit my video?

With My tydeo, we commit to deliver your video within 48 hours.

Will my video be stored securely?

Confidentiality and security are our top priorities. All files are securely hosted in France and accessible only by the team assigned to your project.

The future of video communication is taking shape here.

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