How does Decathlon use video to boost its employer brand?

Decathlon, a brand renowned for its commitment to sport and nature, has never ceased to surprise and touch its customers with its initiatives. Recently, the Decathlon store in Lorient provided us with a video testimonial on its experience with tydeo.

Decathlon France has clearly understood how to revolutionize its Employer Brand through video, demonstrating its strong positioning on innovation, not only in its sports products, but also in its communication and recruitment methods. Here are a few key examples of how Decathlon uses video to communicate its employer brand:

Human enhancement :

By highlighting the testimonials of its employees through video portraits, Decathlon enables viewers to connect with the people behind the brand, humanizing the company and giving potential candidates a better understanding of the culture and working environment at Decathlon.

Diversity of professions :

Decathlon offers over 400 different professions. Because video is the most widely-shared format on social networks, it's the best way to showcase this diversity and project possible career opportunities onto candidates.

Geographical location:

By using video to show employees in their local environment, Decathlon succeeds in highlighting the diversity of workplaces within the company. This can be particularly attractive to those looking for work in a specific region, or who value work-life balance.Take the example of Decathlon Lorient, which was experiencing difficulties in attracting staff due to the local area. For their recruitment campaign, they decided to show their employees practicing sports (remember, a passion for sport is the company's primary selection criterion): horse-riding on the beach, running, yoga, cycling in the forest, thus highlighting the beauty of the landscape. And the results speak for themselves: "This video enabled us to reach over 200,000 people, collect a maximum number of CVs, and the video was seen by a lot of people," points out Tony Esnault, Community Manager at Decathlon Lorient in this testimonial.

To produce this video, Decathlon called on tydeo, the video production platform for communicators, which provides expertise in employer branding videos. This approach enables Decathlon to reach a wide audience of potential candidates and generate a large number of CVs. In short, Decathlon France takes full advantage of the power of video to develop its employer brand and facilitate the recruitment of future talent. This innovative approach shows how a company can stand out in recruitment by effectively using visual media to tell its story and attract the best talent.

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