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You film

With your smartphone, seize all opportunities to film your business.


You send

Send your best rushes via the My Tydeo mobile app.


We realize

Our professional editors create your film,
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in less than 48 hours.

Your corporate films

Why a video?

You have every reason to communicate on video :

Video presentation

Corporate video is sometimes also called corporate video or corporate film. It is the CV of your company. You have little time to convince and make a difference. Then Tydeo helps you to present yourself in the best light.


Event video

Capitalize on your business seminars. All solutions are possible. The report follows the progress of your event. The making-of shares your behind the scenes. The video capture faithfully reproduces a speech. And the clip sums up the general atmosphere ...


Film promotionnel

To advance your sales, advertise with Tydeo. This commercial format highlights your products and services. 20 to 30 seconds are enough to boost your marketing campaigns. Your advertising spot is a pledge of notoriety.


Employer brand film

Make your values known internally and externally. These videos testify to the atmosphere and the sincerity of your collaborators. An employer brand video energizes your internal communication and increases the attractiveness of your business.


Video Interview

The video interview gives voice to the actors of the company. Do you want to send a message or engage your communities? The video interview is an effective solution for establishing a lively and personalized exchange.


Social media clip

You can't ignore video for your social networks. Video is at the heart of your social media strategy. Infomercial, tutorial, web-series ... take advantage of the many formats available. On Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok ..., video is king to create buzz