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Google introduces Vids, a new AI-based video application

Google will implement Google Vids, an AI-based video creation application, within Google Workspace.

Google has introduced Google Vids, an AI-based video creation application, to its Google Workspace suite.

This new application will be part of the native cloud solutions like other popular Google products such as Docs, Sheets and Slides. The aim is to make video production easier for businesses.

At its "Google Next' 24" conference in Las Vegas, the American giant presented a new artificial intelligence-poweredvideo creation tool dubbed Google Vids. "I want to share something really entirely new. At Google Cloud Next, we're unveiling Google Vids, a brand new AI-powered video creation app for the workplace," said Aparna Pappu, vice president and general manager of Google Workspace, as she introduced the tool.

A new tool in the Google Workspace suite: Google Vids

The idea is to provide a video creation tool alongside other Workspace tools with similar creative and collaborative capabilities. "It's your video editing, writing and production assistant all in one," said Pappu. "We help you turn the assets you already have - whether marketing copy, images or anything else in your player - into a compelling video."

As with Docs or Sheets, teams can collaborate in real time in the browser. "No need to send files by e-mail. You and your team can work on the story at the same time with the same access controls and security we provide to the whole of Workspace," said Pappu.

How does Google Vids work?

Google Vids is based on Gemini's "text to video" capabilities, among others. Other "bricks" are used to process transcripts, generate and animate effects and images, edit videos... Users can choose a template (a library of predefined video styles to match the tone and message of the content) or start from a prompt to generate their video.

Like most generative AI tools, Google Vids begins with a prompt. The user must provide the basic instructions and raw data required to create the video. "AI can make video creation easier in many ways, so that anyone, regardless of video editing or production experience, can create truly compelling videos for internal use," said Kristina Behr, Google Workspace product vice president at Google Cloud.

Google Vids will enable users to generate storyboards and compile scenes from a selection of videos. Once the video has been generated, users will be able to reorganize the different parts of the video, add transitions, insert an audio track, or even a voice-over. Vids will also be able to analyze video content and suggest suitable background music to enhance the mood and flow.

Availability : Google Vids is currently in development and is scheduled for beta release in Google Workspace Labs in June 2024.

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