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How building professionals are using video to transform their industry

We explain how companies in the construction sector can use video to effectively communicate their core values.

Video is a powerful way of presenting a company in an authentic and engaging way. It allows you to showcase the company's key players, be they construction teams, project managers, craftsmen or executives. Corporate videos can include interviews with these professionals, site visits, footage of completed projects, or insights into the construction process, offering an authentic glimpse into how the company operates. By using video, construction companies can also effectively communicate their core values, their commitment to site safety, their adherence to quality standards, and their environmental responsibility. Video allows these messages to be conveyed visually, while reinforcing the company's identity. It helps to build customer trust, establish solid partnerships and encourage adherence to the company's values and mission.

A timelapse video to follow a project from A to Z

According to an article in B2B Magazine, communication needs to be consistent and clear with the type of construction and site involved.

Video is a powerful way of visually monitoring the progress of construction and renovation projects. Building professionals, for example, use timelapse cameras to record the progress of a project from start to finish. These cameras capture images at regular intervals over an extended period, then stitch them together to create an accelerated video of the project in progress. Timelapse videos are effective communication tools for customers, investors and stakeholders, showing project progress clearly and convincingly. They can also be used for marketing purposes, as they showcase a company's professionalism and achievements in a captivating way.

Video testimonials

Construction companies can use their employees' testimonials to reinforce their credibility. Construction professionals play an essential role in the success of a project, and their personal experiences are invaluable to potential customers. Video testimonials allow them to share their stories and talk about their work within the company. These video testimonials reinforce the company's credibility and give potential customers a better understanding of the team's professionalism, helping them to make informed decisions.

These are key elements in building a construction company's credibility. Potential customers attach great importance to social proof, i.e. positive feedback from other customers who have had a positive experience with the company. Customer testimonial videos highlight past successes, giving voice to the people who have trusted the company with their construction projects. These testimonials express the company's satisfaction, quality of work, respect for deadlines and professionalism. What's more, our videos, often shot by drone, showcase the quality of our work.

Again according to the B2B Magazine article, showcasing your constructions is an excellent way to highlight your previous builds. Here again, sharing images and videos is essential for successful communication.

Video in internal communications

Video is an invaluable tool for training teams and raising safety awareness on the job site. At tydeo, our professional construction customers often ask us to create didactic videos, in motion design, to demonstrate best practices in safety, construction and tool use. They are also useful for training new employees in internal procedures and quality standards.

In the construction industry, video communication is an important tool for sharing know-how and creations. At the Artibat trade show, several of our customers called on tydeo to produce video content to showcase their expertise on a large screen in the exhibition hall. We invite you to take a look at a few examples, and listen to the customer testimonial from Menuiserie de l'Ouest.

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