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Adobe Max 2023: AI at the heart of creative processes

It's an event that all content creators and audiovisual professionals look forward to every year: Adobe Max 2023.

It's an event that all content creators and audiovisual professionals look forward to every year: Adobe Max 2023.

tydeo being a user of Adobe services for post-production and motion design, it was with great interest that we attended this famous international creativity conference, held in Los Angeles from October 10 to 12.

At this event, Adobe, developer of such essential graphic design and audiovisual software as Photoshop and Première Pro, unveiled a number of new features and products, most of them focusing on advances in artificial intelligence.

In terms of its video applications, here are the main innovations that have been announced:

In Premiere Pro

  • AI-powered text-based editing, which makes video editing as easy as copying and pasting text, with the new ability to automatically remove moments of hesitation or silence from a speech or video interview.
  • Automatic tone matching for consistent color and contrast when mixing footage from different cameras.
  • Restore previously unusable sound recordings with the simple click of an "Enhance Audio" button.

In After Effects

  • The AI-optimized Roto-brush 3 tool makes it easy to separate a person or object from its background, without having to crop them frame by frame, and even with complex elements such as fine hair.
  • Access to frequently used animation functions via a context-sensitive properties panel.
  • A genuine 3D workspace

In addition to the features already included in current or beta versions of its software, Adobe also unveiled 11 technologies under development at its SNEAKS presentation, which could be integrated into its products in the future.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Project Fast Fill brings to video the manipulative possibilities already possible with photos, such as deleting or adding elements to a shot without having to manually follow camera movement or light variations.
  • Project Res Up, which increases the definition of old videos in minimal format and transforms them into high-definition video.
  • Project Dub Dub automatically dubs speech into another language, preserving the original voice and intonation.
  • Project Stardust, a new object-aware editing engine that uses generative AI to revolutionize image editing by allowing users to simply select people or objects in a photograph, move them to another place in the composition and automatically fill in the background where they were previously. Users can also modify elements such as the color of a person's clothing or the posture they are in - treating all flat images as one file with layers.

More generally, the Adobe Max 2023 conference was an opportunity for the company to present its progress on all its products and services, including :

  • Three new templates in the Adobe Firefly family of creative generative AI templates designed to generate secure, commercially exploitable images. Firefly Image 2, an advanced template for creating images from text, Firefly Vector, a new template for generating vector images from text, and Firefly Design for creating graphic templates from text.
  • Over 100 new features released in Adobe Creative Cloud's flagship applications, including new Firefly-powered features and web-based workflows in Illustrator and Photoshop, new AI-powered editing capability in Lightroom, and new Generative Fill and Text to Template features in Adobe Express.
  • Adobe GenStudio, a new solution that brings together the best of content design, creation, production and activation with Firefly generative AI at its heart to revolutionize the enterprise content supply chain.

We at tydeo are looking forward to using and testing all these new features from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite in the creation of our videos. At the same time, AI is at the heart of our development strategy. All these technological advances will support and develop the creativity of our talented teams so that we can continue to offer you the best possible videos, with ever greater responsiveness.

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