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Manon Rosec Després - Communications Manager - Kohler

Testimonial - Manon Rosec Desprès, Kohler employer brand communications manager

Introducing KOHLER

National coverage, international presence, "think globally, act locally.

Founded in 1966, SDMO was acquired by the Kohler Group in 2005, and is now known as Kohler Power Systems EMEA. With its KOHLER brand, the company is now the world's 3rd-largest player in the genset market.

Born in Brest, where it is still based, Kohler Power Systems EMEA has three factories covering more than 31,000 m² excluding logistics. Attentive to the region in which it grew up and to its stakeholders, Kohler Power Systems EMEA ensures and develops its business in line with its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy. It is also committed to a pro-active environmental policy.

Every day, Kohler Power Systems EMEA strengthens its leadership position, backed by the structure of an international group. It has built up an efficient sales network to ensure its development and conquer new markets.

KOHLER Power Systems EMEA is :

  • A distribution network present in over 150 countries
  • 3 subsidiaries (Zweibrucken (Germany), Barcelona (Spain), London (United Kingdom))
  • 6 representative offices (Schoten, Johannesburg, Algiers, Dubai, Cairo, Lomé)
  • 4 storage platforms (Miami, Le Havre, Lomé, Dubai).
  • In France, 7 sales agencies operate on a day-to-day basis under the responsibility of 3 regional divisions.

This proximity, combined with an acute sense of service, guarantees greater responsiveness throughout the country.

Interview with Manon Rosec Després - KOHLER Employer Brand Communications Manager

What are your recruitment challenges?

KOHLER had strong recruitment needs in 2023. We have carried out over 210 recruitments. What's more, we're facing an attractiveness issue in an economic basin where the market is fairly tight.

What have you implemented in your employer branding strategy?

We've set up a career page on our website, which provides candidates with a wealth of information about the company and its values, as well as video portraits of our employees.

What has been the response to the videos?

In concrete terms, this means over 10,000 visits to the website. In terms of brand awareness, we hear about the KOHLER brand. People tell us they've seen us. This is very positive feedback.

How did you use tydeo's services?

With tydeo we made 6 employee portrait videos. The objectives were to be accompanied by a team of professionals for the production and editing. The idea was to be able to travel anywhere in France, and tydeo is able to meet this need. The fact that the editing teams are the same allows us to acquire common knowledge and bases, which is very enriching for us. What we like about video is its agility: you can ask a cameraman and a director to come and do the shooting, but with mytydeo you can also upload your rushes and the video teams take care of the editing. Sometimes the solution lies somewhere in between.

Why use video as part of your employer branding strategy?

The video format makes it much easier to talk to candidates. It allows us to show employees who are ambassadors for the product, the company and the work environment. It also creates commitment on the part of our employees, who are proud to wear the brand's colors. On the candidate side, videos are much more appreciated than traditional job offers.

"Kohler, The right Place to Work for", a series created with tydeo

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