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Steeple and tydeo, partners in internal communications

Anne Philippe, Marketing and Communications Manager at Steeple, explains the importance of video in internal communications.

Steeple is an internal, phygital communication solution that creates links between employees and strengthens team commitment to improve productivity at work, well-being and a better atmosphere within the company.

Anne Philippe, Marketing and Communications Manager at Steeple, explains the importance of video in internal communications.

What is internal communication?

It's a sharing and exchange of information that keeps people informed and federates them around a vision, for example, but also, and at Steeple in particular, we believe in inclusive communication. This means talking to all employees, whether connected or not, in the field or on the move. It also means collaborative, playful communication, where everyone can exchange, express themselves, where everyone has a voice.

What is successful internal communication?

It's when employees feel informed and when we see that communication has an impact on employee commitment. It can reduce employee turnover and encourage co-optation. Successful internal communication can have an impact on a company's business.

What role does video play in internal communications?

Video is an increasingly popular format for external communication on social networks. BtoB companies are making reels, TikTok videos... Internal communication is also aimed at human beings who need to be stimulated. Finally, the codes of external communication impact and infuse internal communication. Today, video is a format that energizes communication, allows employees to see themselves represented and makes them want to promote the company's image. In the long term, this helps to promote the employer brand.

What would communication look like without video?

That would be sad. On the other hand, internal communication without video is communication that reflects less on the lives of employees, where you're less likely to feel the company's culture because you're less likely to project it. Internal communication without video is communication that doesn't shine as brightly.

Could you give us a concrete example of how video has been used effectively with your employees?

Every year, Steeple's internal communications department produces an hour-long video following the life of the company. We call this documentary-style format "Steeple Inside". It's a format that sticks as close as possible to our teams, to present the reality of the company in a transparent way. It allows employees to see themselves internally and to see how we make their missions shine. Externally, it allows employees or future candidates to project themselves (or not) into the life of our company.

How can video help you stand out from other internal communication formats?

Video has the advantage of being animated, so you can see the people and feel the energy, which is not always easy to convey through text or photos. Video complements other communication formats when it comes to sharing information. It allows us to personalize a message and make communication more human.

Steeple takes part in the Rencontres de la vidéo in Lille. What is the aim of your presentation?

Our aim is to share best practices in video and explain how it impacts internal corporate communication. We'll be presenting concrete, actionable examples of how video can be used to create a genuine corporate culture.

Why are you partnering with tydeo for the Rencontres de la vidéo in Lille?

tydeo is our partner for the production of certain videos for our customers. So we already have this exchange. What's more, we're setting up workshops and meeting formats such as the Rencontres de la vidéo to share expertise, experience and best practices.

Why should you attend the Rencontres de la vidéo?

When you come to the Rencontres de la vidéo in Lille, you'll leave with a wealth of best practices in the art of video and video-based internal communication. You'll come away with methods that can be put to immediate use in your company to take your video communications one step further.

Join us on April 18, 2024 to learn how to make your video and internal communications shine throughout the company.

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