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The aftermovie to capture the essence of an event

The aftermovie, a powerful communication tool to showcase your company.

Want to immortalize an event? Set yourself apart by making an aftermovie. A powerful communication tool to showcase your company.

The aftermovie: an essential marketing tool

Trade shows, business evenings, seminars, sports events, team building... More and more companies are creating aftermovies to immortalize these unique, unifying moments in the life of an organization. The aim: to give an overview of the event, convey the atmosphere and emotion to those who were unable to attend, and leave participants with an unforgettable memory .

The aftermovie is a short video highlighting the best moments of an event. A subtle combination of cutaways, still and moving images, sidewalk interviews and testimonials, aftermovies contribute to a company's brand image, while enabling it to promote future events, attract new customers and enhance its employer brand. As powerful and captivating visual experiences, these short videos are a unique opportunity for companies to capture attention, increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

An aftermovie to capture the essence of an event

Most often edited in chronological order, these short videos (ranging from a few minutes to around ten minutes) reflect the life of a company, its environment, but also its values. That's why, as with all quality content, it's vital to think about them in advance of the event. Editing, movement, special effects, music... Each element has its importance and contributes to the success of an aftermovie.

The aftermovie to leave a lasting impression

What do you want to tell? What's the story behind the event? What makes it special, and what will make it special in front of the camera? Imagining the expected final version will help you determine the shots you'll need to take on the big day. Your script must have a beginning, a middle and an end. Don't forget to think ahead: is the aftermovie intended solely for your website or social networks? Will it be shared with your sponsors and partners? Because in addition to being a powerful communication tool, the aftermovie is also an opportunity to offer your partners a medium to publish on their various distribution channels. Sharing the aftermovie will increase your profile and visibility beyond event participants and customers.

Maximize the visibility of your event with an aftermovie

A true extension of the event experience, the aftermovie allows participants to relive the highlights and share their memories with friends and family. Broadcast on the organizer's website or social networks, it can also be screened at future events to highlight the quality of the programming and introduce the event to a wider audience. The aim: to generate interest in future editions. Transmitted to your partners, it will showcase their support and encourage them to renew their partnership for future events. Last but not least, a successful aftermovie will also enable you to prospect future partners.

The aftermovie can take several forms

Depending on your objective and budget, an aftermovie can take several forms. The most basic (and most economical) is similar to a music video: a few minutes' worth of footage compiling the highlights to the beat of dynamic music. More complete, some videos include interviews and testimonials from participants (employees, customers, members of management...). And for events spread over several dates, it's a good idea to produce short daily summaries of important moments for those who won't have had the chance to attend the event. Finally, for outdoor events, the use of drones is becoming increasingly common. Get a glimpse of the location, the setting, the atmosphere... the "wow" effect is guaranteed!  

Would you like to make an aftermovie? tydeo can help you create your aftermovies. To find out more, contact us.

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