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Benefits of video on LinkedIn

Videos on LinkedIn: a powerful tool for strengthening your brand and reputation

Networking, recruitment, lead generation, brand image... there are many reasons and advantages for a company to be present on LinkedIn, the B2B social network.

A powerful tool for organizations and professionals alike, LinkedIn is The Place to Be for companies looking to increase their visibility and promote their know-how and products, not to mention their employer brand.

To improve engagement on LinkedIn, publishing video content is essential. This is because videos are more likely to be shared, significantly extending their reach. Videos also generate more comments and likes, paving the way for conversations and relationship-building.

Videos on LinkedIn: a powerful tool for strengthening your brand and reputation

Creating commitment

Increase your reach: videos dramatically increase reach and engagement on social networks, including LinkedIn. Visible and interactive, they are more attractive than other types of content. According to LinkedIn Social Selling trainer Richard van der Blom(180,400 followers), video is one of the formats that can generate the most visibility (+20% to +70% visibility).

‍Transmita message: videos are an effective way to convey and communicate effectively, surpassing text or images in terms of engagement.

‍Favorsharing: videos are more conducive to virality, thus expanding your potential audience.

‍Entertainweb users: videos aren't just informative, they can also be entertaining,increasing visitor buy-in.

‍Toucha global audience: videos transcend language barriers, making them ideal if you want to reach an international audience.

Increase viewing time: attracted by a video, Internet users will be more inclined to extend the time they spend on your account to discover your profile.

Develop your brand

Brand image stimulates loyalty, trust and consumer preferences. That's why videos are an ideal format for developing your brand image and, more broadly, your business.

Raise your profile: videos can extend your brand's reach and awareness on LinkedIn. More personal and attractive, videos help you stand out from your competitors.


Humanize your brand: videos make your brand more accessible.


Tell a story: Use videos to tell your brand's story. Storytelling will help you create an emotional connection with your audience and make your brand memorable.


Reinforce your personal branding: videos let you express your thoughts and passions, an excellent way to capitalize on your personality.


Develop your employer brand: share videos of your company to attract talent and give prospects a glimpse of your working environment.

Encourage comments: use videos to start a conversation to improve your products or services.

Asserting your leadership

LinkedIn videos are invaluable for thought leaders wishing to establish expertise in their field. Publishing videos will enable you to disseminate your knowledge and ideas widely, reinforcing your leadership.

Showcase your skills: Use videos to demonstrate your capabilities and build trust by giving potential customers a glimpse of what you have to offer.


Make complex subjects easier to understand: videos are ideal for simplifying concepts and subjects that are difficult to grasp. Motion design, for example, enables companies to present or explain their products or services to potential customers in a fun, illustrated way. Thanks to its dynamism and versatility, motion design video facilitates the transmission of complex information.


Access new opportunities: publishing videos on LinkedIn creates new business opportunities, showcasing your company's know-how.

Optimizing return on investment

Posting videos on LinkedIn isn't just about networking. They will also bring you tangible ROI opportunities.

Generate traffic to your website: LinkedIn videos help redirectInternet users to your website, where they can explore your products or services further. A great way to boost your SEO.

Increase conversion rates: videos are powerful prospecting tools. Including a call to action in your videos (sign up for a newsletter, download a white paper, make a purchase...) will increase your conversion rate from your LinkedIn profile.


Introduce products or services: videos effectively present your offers, making them easier for potential customers to understand.


Improve customer loyalty: positive brand experiences via video can strengthen customer loyalty.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for companies looking to increase their visibility. Thanks to the platform, you can quickly and easily connect with potential customers, as well as find new partners. Integrating video into your social media strategy can quickly pay off. Why? Because video doesn't just tell. It shows.

Did you know? According to LinkedIn, 80% of videos are watched without sound. That means using text and subtitles in your videos isn't just a good idea, it's essential. Make sure your message gets across even when the sound is muted.

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