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Carole Millot, Communications Manager - Cerfrance Finistère

Testimonial - Carole Millot, Communications Director, Cerfrance Finistère


CERFRANCE is a key player in the consultancy and chartered accountancy sectors. The mutual network offers a full range of multidisciplinary services. Its 720 branches throughout France guarantee close geographic and cultural proximity to local economic players. Agriculture, crafts, commerce, services, self-employed professionals, associations, private individuals, very small businesses...

Every year, Cerfrance supports 320,000 customers in all aspects of business management, from management and administrative tasks to sales and legal management, IT security and web consultancy.

Their motto? To make our customers ever more successful". It's a mission that Cerfrance has been successfully fulfilling for 70 years, thanks to its 14,000 dedicated field staff.

Interview with Carole Millot, Cerfrance Finistère Communications Director

Why choose tydeo?

Our aim was to save time. tydeo lets us do just that, with a quality result to boot.

How do you use tydeo services?

We're a small team when it comes to communications. We have neither the human resources nor the time to do editing. So we decided to delegate it to tydeo.

Could you give us an example of a project you've carried out with Tydeo?

At Cerfrance, as professional accountants and advisors, our business is all about numbers. To counterbalance this, we wanted to put the human element back at the heart of our business, both internally and externally.

Thanks to tydeo, we have produced a series of videos called "C mon job". The aim of these videos is to showcase the company's employees and their various professions (accountants, tax specialists, legal experts, IT specialists, communication specialists, etc.).

What has been the response to your videos?

In terms of our objectives in terms of developing communication in video format, this was a complete success. The "C mon job" series was widely consulted internally. The figures in the Analytics data bear this out. This series of videos has also been well received externally, and has enabled us to consolidate our brand image externally. So that's very positive. Beyond that, the video format also enabled us toadd dynamism to our communication.

What are your future projects in terms of video communication?

We plan to use the video format for brand awareness campaigns, as well as to promote our service offerings and training courses. Not forgetting our employer brand.

"C mon job", a series created with tydeo

tydeo is a video production platform dedicated to communicators. Its aim is to meet the video creation needs of organizations. With over 1,500 customers, including SMEs, public organizations and major national references, tydeo is now a benchmark in the world of video. And because our customers deserve the best, tydeo is Qualiopi and ISO 9001 certified to guarantee quality processes. A video player for 10 years, tydeo works with companies and local authorities all over France. Corporate videos, presentation videos, testimonials, aftermovies...

To find out more, contact us.

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