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What role does video play in sports communication?

In sports, videos offer much more than just a visual narrative. They captivate audiences, convey emotions and create meaningful links with the public.

Creating videos as part of your content strategy has become a must. Initially used by companies simply to promote their brand, video has evolved to become a powerful machine generating both visibility and brand awareness. This trend is no exception in the field of sports communication.

In sports, videos offer much more than just a visual narrative. They captivate the audience, convey emotions and create meaningful connections with the public.

Nike, the giant of the sports industry, distinguishes itself in the captivating art of storytelling. Every slogan, every campaign, is an invitation to dive into a story where the individual merges with the brand, creating a powerful and indissoluble bond.

"Just Do It" - three words imbued with transcendent energy, an injunction to bold action. These words are not simply a slogan, but a philosophy of life instilled in every follower of the brand. Nike doesn't just sell products, it sells a mentality, a fearless attitude to life.

For sports communicators, using video is not only a way of sharing exciting moments, but also of building a committed community around their team and their events.

Video: a journey to the heart of sports teams

By instantly capturing viewers' attention, video offers an immersive visual experience. Every emotionally powerful moment is magnified through video. Thanks to team presentation videos, but also backstage documentaries, audiences get to know the teams and create a powerful sense of attachment.

Through this screen, the magic of sport extends beyond mere numbers and statistics. Every key moment becomes a shared experience, every gesture a collective celebration. Video transcends boundaries, creating a deep emotional connection between athletes and their audience.

Using video to communicate with fans and partners

Social networks are proving to be a fertile breeding ground for sports video content. Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok offer wide visibility for teams. In content that is often short, videos fuel viral engagement, then breaking the limits imposed by geographical barriers.

The importance of the social networks on which you publish is therefore not negligible. Platforms should be chosen according to your target audience, the content you post, but also your desire for virality.

The power of video not only captivates viewers, it can also provide visibility for partners in the vast world of sport. Imagine these sponsors' logos proudly flocked to the athletes' outfits. Exposure is not confined to sports arenas alone, but also extends to key moments, such as video broadcasts during matches.

One example is Brest Bretagne Handball, which has cleverly exploited the potential of video. During matches, the club broadcasts 20-second clips highlighting their partners. These videos come to life on a giant cube, ensuring maximum visibility and creating a memorable impact.

Video: a dynamic format

Video stands out for its versatility in the field of sports communication. From behind-the-scenes training footage to exclusive interviews, it offers a comprehensive panorama of the sporting world.

By capturing behind-the-scenes moments, video, combined with good storytelling, makes it possible to go beyond the simple broadcasting of sporting events to offer spectators privileged moments. Training sessions, pre-match preparations and intimate moments with athletes become accessible, creating a deeper connection between teams and their audiences.

Video and communication in sport: feedback from GVHTT

To understand the challenges of video in sports communication, we went to meet Fabien Bouguennec, director of communications, events and partnerships at GVHTT (Garde du Voeu Hennebont Tennis de Table). The video we created for the GVHTT made quite an impression, as it was selected from 400 entries at the Trophées de la Communication. tydeo is proud to have been on the podium on this occasion.

How does communication influence public perception of sporting events?

Sports communication is of paramount importance, with social networks taking off in a big way. We have always sought to innovate through modern communication. We take inspiration from what is done in other sports, adapting it to our discipline and our level, then enhancing it with an adapted media plan. Everyone has played table tennis. Our role is to show the public how a match is played and the atmosphere that accompanies it. We offer much more than table tennis; these are evening shows, and we're keen to convey this dimension through our communications.

How is communication crucial to building the brand image of athletes and sports teams?

Championships and matches are essential showcases for athletes' image. By communicating on their own networks, we associate our images, which benefits both the athletes and our club.

How have social networks transformed the way sports players communicate?

Social networks have given us the opportunity to communicate on delayed matches. Depending on the match, we get between 7,000 and 40,000 views. Previously, we were dependent on television, and this has really changed the game.

Of all the communication media you use, which is the most successful?

The most successful content is the video format. The videos produced by tydeo enable us to present the companies we approach with a picture of match nights. Again, everyone has played table tennis, but few really understand what a match is like. Videos are an opportunity to put images to the different formats and services we offer.

For the academy, we were able to explain to people that our objective is not just to train athletes, but that the priority remains education. At present, we have a 100% success rate in the baccalaureate and the brevet. The montage created by tydeo enabled us to demonstrate the balance between sport and studies, showing how we skilfully navigate between these two dimensions. In addition, we installed LED panels and a giant screen, enabling more dynamic broadcasts in the Ping Center.

How does video help enhance the audience experience during live broadcasts and event retransmissions

We have always fought for matches to be rebroadcast, a practice that not all clubs adopt. We have cameras in place for live broadcasts. What's more, our giant screen allows us to showcase our partners in a regular stream of videos. Overall, we create videos highlighting "the most beautiful points" and broadcast them through our various channels.

How does the creation of video content enhance proximity with the audience?

On social networks, we regularly publish stories and reels to tease matches and generate enthusiasm, encouraging the public to come and support and follow us. Through our video communication, we really seek to bring the public closer to the players. Short videos are the most successful format.

Can you tell us about the partnership between GVHTT and tydeo?

We wanted to establish partnerships with local companies. We defend Brittany and seek to create synergies within the region. We're delighted to be working with tydeo, whose team demonstrates proximity and genuine expertise. At tydeo, we've found the dynamism we were looking for.

Interview by tydeo, find out all the latest GVHTT news news by clicking here.

Sports communication requires total involvement, before, during and after sporting events. Video is particularly well-suited to the communication strategies established by clubs and federations. Thanks to its ability to convey emotions, video is a powerful vector that has yet to prove its worth.

At tydeo, our teams film, create and design videos with high transmission power. To find out more, contact us.

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