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Video trends in 2024

2024 will be a year in which video trends radically redefine the way we create, share and consume visual content. Focus on the video trends to watch in 2024.

2024 will be a year in which video trends radically redefine the way we create, share and consume visual content. From technological advances such as generative artificial intelligence, to the continuing rise of virtual and augmented reality, to the evolution of emerging formats and platforms, every aspect of video is undergoing a profound transformation. Focus on the video trends to watch in 2024.

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Generative Artificial Intelligence, also known as GAN (Generative Adversarial Network), is an advanced technology that enables the autonomous creation of content. Using sophisticated algorithms, it is capable of generating realistic images, text and even video, often indistinguishable from those created by humans.

By 2024, we'll be moving towards the growing use of generative artificial intelligence to revolutionize video content creation.


Live broadcasts, with or without a replay option, are growing in popularity. It enables greater interactivity, establishing a real-time connection with the audience. The ephemeral aspect of Live, combined with the limited possibility of replaying the content, creates a unique and captivating experience. Viewers are encouraged to actively participate, knowing that the moment will not be repeated. This strategy successfully exploits FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), boosting engagement by encouraging listeners to be present and active during the live broadcast.

Immersive videos

Immersive videos, particularly in virtual reality and 360° format, are experiencing a significant boom, particularly with Apple's entry into this market, which promises to bring further technological advances, propelling visual immersion to new heights.

The return of long videos

Although short formats will remain popular, particularly on social networks TikTok and Instagram, creators and platforms are gradually turning to longer videos for better monetization. On the platform side, this transition to longer videos is driven by economic logic, as these formats offer enough time to integrate advertising, something impossible on a video format that is too short.

Video on social networks

Video dominates Internet traffic, as it is largely conveyed by social networks. It's the most widely shared type of content, and creators and brands are encouraged by social media platforms to integrate it into their communications. This notorious preference for video on social platforms stems from its ability to captivate audiences visually and narratively.

The influence of virtual and augmented reality on video

Virtual reality stimulates demand for 360° video content for an immersive experience. Interactivity is accentuated, and augmented reality blends with 3D video elements to create innovative communication campaigns.

The emergence of new streaming platforms

Platforms such as Patreon and OnlyFans are gaining in popularity among content creators. In particular, they offer better monetization than traditional platforms. Unlike traditional platforms, these spaces give creators greater autonomy in setting their rates and managing their fan community.

Brand strategies in 2024

Brands are entering a new era in their marketing strategy by actively leaning towards content personalization, leveraging advances in artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to AI, content can be targeted based on behavioral data, purchase histories and online interactions.

Brands are also capitalizing on User Generated Content (UGC) to reinforce their communication in an authentic way. By encouraging users to create and share content linked to their experiences with the brand, they benefit from greater credibility and a more authentic link with their communities.

In 2024, video continues to redefine the way we communicate, create and consume content. Between the virality of short videos, the monetization of long videos, the integration of artificial intelligence and the evolution of augmented reality, the year promises to be an innovative one.

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