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From Breton agency to national video production platform

At tydeo, after a decade as an audiovisual production agency in Saint Renan, we're taking a major strategic turn. tydeo is now positioned as the video production platform for all communicators.

Business growth is partly linked to adapting to the market, its trends and the changing needs of its customers.

At tydeo, after a decade as an audiovisual production agency in Saint Renan, we're taking a major strategic turn. tydeo is now positioned as the video production platform for all communicators.

A new image, a new logo for tydeo:

Like Brittany and its capacity for innovation, tydeo has positioned itself as a true pioneer in the video market. For the past 10 years, tydeo has been telling companies' stories, adapting to formats, fashions and developments in the video industry. Right down to the way it's used. You no longer need a sophisticated camera to take beautiful pictures. Today, the camera fits in a pocket and takes the form of a smartphone. So, in 2020, the company is developing an application that enables all communicators to simply take shots with their smartphone and send them directly to the tydeo post-production studio for editing by professional editors.

In 2023, in response to companies' growing need for quality videos, we at tydeo decided to take a new step. While continuing to offer audiovisual production services, we wanted to offer a solution that was both efficient and in line with companies' need for rapid production.

tydeo's new positioning is accompanied by an overhaul of its graphic identity. tydeo sought the support of trusted partners such as "Voilà le topo", a Brittany-based communications agency, which initiated the change of identity. A timeline now appears in the logo, referring not only to post-production work, but also to the responsiveness of the teams, with an effect of speed. The website was created in collaboration with the Afffect marketing agency, and is transformed into a veritable video production platform, with the option of building your annual video communication budget. You'll also find customer testimonials, as well as resources and articles in our blog to help you understand the challenges of corporate video.

Tydeo solutions:

tydeo, the video production platform, has positioned itself as a long-term partner for all communication services for companies, associations, federations and local authorities. Today, it's even possible to design your annual video budget with tydeo, and use the different services on offer according to your needs. Good to know:

  • mytydeomytydeo: This solution enables communicators to film themselves, using their smartphone or their own equipment, and then send their files via the mobile app or tydeo platform. In just 48 hours, a team of professional editors will transform your raw footage into high-quality videos, ready for broadcast on your social networks, screens or website.
  • Professional filming anywhere in France: Wherever you are in France, our tydeo directors will accompany you from A to Z in the writing and realization of your video projects. Ground shooting, interviews, drone, aftermovie. Our team guarantees you the best video quality.
  • Customized 2D or 3D motion design: an idea to develop? Our motion design team will use its creativity to create your animated videos.
  • Training: Would you like to develop video in your department, but lack experience in shooting with a smartphone (or even a camera)? tydeo will train your teams and give you the keys to designing and producing your videos with confidence. What's more? This training course is Qualiopi-certified, so it could potentially be covered by your OPCO.

From the tip of Brittany to a national platform, we're ready to meet your internal and external communication challenges.

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