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How do companies use video to recruit?

In the age of digital technology and social networking, companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to attract top talent.

In the age of digital technology and social networking, companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to attract top talent. One such innovative approach is the use of video in the recruitment process. Video offers a powerful way of communicating company culture, highlighting vacancies and interacting with candidates in a more engaging way. In this article, we'll explore how companies are using video to recruit successfully.

Corporate culture in the spotlight

Recruitment videos are an ideal opportunity to highlight the company's culture. Through employee testimonials, virtual office visits and company stories, companies show what makes them unique. This attracts candidates who identify with the company's values, and helps create a more cohesive working environment.

Video job offers

Companies are using videos to create dynamic presentations of their vacancies. Rather than relying on written job descriptions, they are creating videos that highlight the benefits of working for the company, the expectations of the position and the corporate culture. These videos give candidates a better understanding of what the company is looking for, which in turn promotes better alignment between candidates and the organization.

The use of videos for recruitment creates greater engagement among candidates. They are more likely to apply for a position if they have a better understanding of the company and the role, which leads to more qualified and motivated candidates.

Integrating new employees with video

The successful integration of a new employee is essential to ensure rapid adaptation to the organization's culture, values and processes. Video is a valuable tool in this context. It can be used to present an overview of the company, its history, mission and values, as well as its short- and long-term objectives. Induction videos enable new employees to familiarize themselves with their colleagues, superiors and work environment, even before their first day. They provide essential information on internal policies, benefits, workplace safety and key procedures. What's more, they offer an effective way of sharing company culture and creating a sense of belonging right from the start. Onboarding videos help new employees feel more comfortable and better prepared, reducing the stress associated with the transition and promoting a faster, more successful integration into the company.

Video CVs

Some companies ask candidates to submit videos demonstrating their skills. This is particularly common in creative or technical fields, where visual and practical skills are essential. Demonstration videos enable candidates to show their expertise in a concrete way, going beyond the mere words on a CV, and so stand out from the crowd.

According to an article by Helloworks, video CVs are an innovative way of showcasing the creativity and personality of future candidates and talents.

The use of video in the recruitment process is an effective way for companies to adapt to current trends and attract top talent. It helps to highlight vacancies more dynamically, communicate company culture, facilitate preliminary interviews, demonstrate candidates' skills and engage candidates more effectively.

Using video, companies can recruit more effectively and build talented teams to meet the challenges of today's professional world.

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