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Solutions tailored to your video creation needs

Film it yourself, and we'll edit it in 48 hours.

Avec mytydeo, filmez vos moments clés, envoyez vos rushes via l'appli mobile ou web, et obtenez une vidéo finale en moins de 48 heures.

mytydeo, c'est un service de montage vidéo qui vous libère des contraintes du montage. Vous n’avez plus besoin de vous former à des logiciels de montage parfois complexes. Laissez nos professionnels sublimer vos images et optimiser vos messages.

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For the shooting of your videos, you can rely on our professional directors.

Their mission: to provide you with creative input, responsiveness and high standards of image and sound recording. They know how to adapt to any situation in the field, to put your teams at ease, and to conduct your interviews successfully.

Our video experts take care of everything for you, from ensuring a production brief is provided for your approval before the shoot, to guaranteeing you a worry-free production with solid preparation, respect for the brief, and usage rights management.

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Make your projects, ideas and concepts easy to understand with motion design.

Trust us to create your most complex and demanding motion design videos. We handle every stage of your project (conceptualization, illustration, storyboarding, and 2D or 3D animation) to provide you with the finest result you expect.

Do you have an idea? A concept to explain? We'll bring it to life creatively, thanks to our expertise in motion design and production.

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Train your teams to shoot quality videos with a smartphone

With the constant evolution of cameras built into smartphones, professional-quality video production is now within everyone's reach.

tydeo academy offers Qualiopi-certified training specially designed to boost the skills of your communication team.

Increase your autonomy and integrate video into your corporate communication.

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Découvrez la plateforme de production vidéo

Multipliez vos contenus vidéos grâce à tydeo.
Gagnez en réactivité et captez toutes les occasions de communiquer sans vous soucier du montage !

Réservé uniquement aux professionnels
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Julia Daniel
Communication Manager
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Julia captures video with her smartphone
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Julia transfers her footage and brief through the tydeo application
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Sa vidéo montée est prête en moins de 48h.

Your video within 48 hours, withmytydeo

Are you tasked with creating video content?
With mytydeo, it's as simple as it gets: film with your smartphone, simply upload your shots to the app and we'll deliver a professional video within 48 hours.

Discover our training offerings tocapture video with your smartphone

Qualiopi - tydeo Video Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tydeo?

tydeo is the video production platform dedicated to communicators, whose ambition is to help them produce their video content simply, agilely and sustainably.

It offers solutions that meet all their video challenges:

➕For self-filming without having to worry about editing
➕For in-house video production, training in smartphone shooting, and increasing the video skills of communications teams.
➕To design and produce demanding, made-to-measure videos by professional directors.
➕For aerial drone shots.
➕To design and produce motion design videos.

Its positioning is to be an interlocutor connected to its users, reliable in the long term and responsive for all organizations that want to integrate video into their communication strategy.

The company is ISO 9001 certified to guarantee quality service and continuous improvement in customer satisfaction.

tydeo is constantly on the lookout for and invests in the development of new technologies and artificial and human intelligence solutions to support and advise its customers on the video uses of today and tomorrow.

More than 1,500 customers, SMEs, organizations and major accounts in France and abroad have already placed their trust in tydeo for their videos.

What is mytydeo?

With mytydeo, capture your key moments, send us the rushes on the smartphone app or web platform and get back your edited video within 48 hours, along with unlimited rounds of feedback afterwards.

mytydeo is a video editing service that frees you from the constraints of editing. You no longer need to learn complex software. Let our professionals enhance your images and optimize your messages.

How can I create an account on mytydeo?

Your login details will be sent to you automatically when you order your credits from our sales department.

How do I send my videos to the editing team?

It couldn't be simpler: send us your projects in just a few clicks: here's the tutorial ;-)

How long does it take to edit my video?

With mytydeo, we commit to delivering your video within 48 hours.

Will my video be stored securely?

Confidentiality and security are our top priorities. All files are securely hosted in France and accessible only by the team assigned to your project.

Stop wasting time with video editing

Increase your productivity for your video projects

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