Inform 100% of your employees in an instant

With Steeple, employees never miss a single company news item!


Rennes-based company founded in 2015, Steeple digitizes the paper bulletin board for companies through a phygital internal communications solution available on large touch screens as well as a web and mobile app.

Today, Steeple helps over 1,000 companies (including E.Leclerc, Système U, Vinci, Bouygues Construction, Petit Bateau, etc.) meet the challenge of multi-channel, easy-to-use internal communications.

New arrivals, promotions and developments, new contracts, internal events, anniversaries, job offers, CSE/quality/safety information, classified ads... Simple and intuitive, the solution enables you to communicate more effectively on all aspects of your company's life.

What are the challenges of internal video communication?

Anne Philippe, Steeple's Marketing and Communications Manager, explains.

The future of video communication is taking shape here.

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