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Production and distribution


Live Streaming


Expand the audience of your events and invite the public or your collaborators  to follow you live or delayed.

Broadcast your events live with Tydeo Live 

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Our technical teams move and install cameras and microphones in the place of your choice to film your meetings, debates, events, seminars_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b 136bad5cf58d_and broadcast them on your Facebook page or your Youtube channel.

All the equipment is connected to a light and compact portable control room.


Upstream, our directors carry out a scouting to ensure your internet connection and the technical feasibility of the live broadcast. They also check your broadcast channel settings to be ready on D-Day.


Using Tydeo Live means:

  • an attentive technical team

  • ensure consistent image quality

  • ensure sound quality so that your messages are heard

  • broadcast dynamic content with different viewing angles


Don't wait any longer, move on to the era of broadcasting digital

Do not waste anymore time

to make your videos,
contact us!

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