Tydeo, the video partner
municipalities and communities

Our ambition: to make video accessible to all municipalities .

The  video makes it possible to rekindle the desire of the inhabitants to take an interest in the public life of their territories.
It is a way for elected officials to transmit essential information on the actions of their municipality to as many people as possible.

Tydeo was present at the Mayors and Local Authorities Fair in partnership with Radio Territoria

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How video allows municipalities to inform, communicate and reach a wide audience on their territory. The testimony of Julien Cabon, President of TYDEO and Laurent Péron, Mayor of Le Relecq-Kerhuon in Finistère.

Example of presentation video - Commune

Noyal Muzillac - 2,6000 inhabitants  

Example of presentation video / Commune community

Pays d'Iroise community 

The My Tydeo app for municipalities and communities

You film - We realize! 

My Tydeo is a very simple service for making videos for your town or community.

1 You are filming with your smartphone

2 You transfer the shots to us via app 

3 Our professional editors produce your video in 48 H