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Tydeo, the video partner
municipalities and communities

Our ambition: to make video accessible to all municipalities .

The  video makes it possible to rekindle the desire of the inhabitants to take an interest in the public life of their territories.
It is a way for elected officials to transmit essential information on the actions of their municipality to as many people as possible.

Example of presentation video - Commune

Noyal Muzillac - 2,6000 inhabitants  

Example of presentation video / Commune community

Pays d'Iroise community 

The My Tydeo app for municipalities and communities

You film - We realize! 

My Tydeo is a very simple service for making videos for your town or community.

1 You are filming with your smartphone

2 You transfer the shots to us via app 

3 Our professional editors produce your video in 48 H 

Tydeo was present at the Mayors and Local Authorities Fair in partnership with Radio Territoria

Logo Radio territoria

How video allows municipalities to inform, communicate and reach a wide audience on their territory. The testimony of Julien Cabon, President of TYDEO and Laurent Péron, Mayor of Le Relecq-Kerhuon in Finistère.

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