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How to make your videos without worrying about editing?

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At Tydeo, we want to make video accessible to all companies. Like you, we want quality corporate films for everyone. Like you, we want to multiply your video content for your social networks, your emailings, your websites... Like you, we want to make video creation easier, more agile and less expensive.

Don't waste any more time
to make your videos!

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1- You film

Film with your phone:

Your company event, the portraits of your coworker, the moments of your company, your goods, etc. 

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Easy !

2- You send

Thanks to the application My Tydeo, you simply send your brief and you visual shots and rushes.

You just have to select your rushes in your phone’s gallery.

Démo My Tydeo
Quick !

3- We realize

Our professionals editors and filmmakers create your movie in less than 48 hours, you receive it on the application, ready to be published.

 Examples and references 

How to use My Tydeo ? 


Our video experts are at your disposal to make you discover our solution and to suggest you the best in your video projects.

Thank you for your sending !

Faster video editing: My Tydeo


Win some time and multiply your videos contents thanks to My Tydeo. You film every important moment of your company. You’ll win in reactivity and take every opportunity to communicate. Then you send the rushes and you confirm your final video with the application My Tydeo.

My Tydeo team knows you and conceived a video which corresponds to you. 

Specialists of the creation of corporate movies, your video is ready in less than 48h. It can be diffused on your networks, web site, blog and newsletters…

Easier video editing: My Tydeo


What is the best editing program? The experience! The web solutions, pre-formatted storyboards, or standardized skins are rarely satisfactory. That’s why My Tydeo frees you from the constraints of video editing. You don’t have to be trained in another editing program.

 My Tydeo is not an editing program:  our professional editors will create your film and enhance your images. They know how to extract the best of the rushes of your phone.

They skilfully handle text wrapping, graphic effects and transitions to optimize your messages. 

The more qualitative video editing : My Tydeo


My Tydeo is a unique video editing agency that combines the experience of professional editors and directors and the technology of our application to transfer video to make it simple the creation of your corporate movies. 

So who are we?   


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We have been video producers since 2013.

More economical video editing: My Tydeo


My Tydeo is already in your pocket! To create your first corporate videos, your phone is the only tool you need. You film and you exchange with the editors of My Tydeo only on your phone. 

My Tydeo allows you to realise more often movies, for more occasions. You don’t need to have a whole film crew or to invest in devices and software that become obsolete too quickly.

 My Tydeo works on your movies to make them real communication tools. My Tydeo saves your time of production and the price of video.

Stop wasting time making your videos,
contact us!

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