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Motion design

Our expert motion designers create animated videos. To make your messages simple and attractive in video.

Motion design is a technique that has become essential in the creation of corporate videos.

Motion design allows you to set in motion drawings specially designed for your project and turn them into an animated video. Motion design makes it easy to understand your projects, ideas and concepts.

Do you have the idea? We make it happen!

The brief

Present us your project, we imagine with you your video.

The script

We then imagine the best way to illustrate your project and articulate it around a text that will blend perfectly with your concept.

The story board

We offer you the key images of your motion design.

The sound design

We are looking for the ideal sound environment as well as the sound effects that adapt perfectly to your animation. A voiceover, performed by an actor is also added according to your needs.


Once your universe has been created, we can now bring it to life. Thanks to the animation, all the details come alive and the magic of the motion design operates. 

cosmonaute Tydeo mascotte
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